Motorhome Hire

Motorhome FreedomWe all now how much we love Wirral, but sometimes it is nice to get away. With us being on the doorstep of Wales and with easy ferries across to Ireland it is a great place to start a touring holiday. For many years in Merseyside and North Wales the caravan has ruled, but have you considered renting a motorhome? is a website where you can find motorhomes for hire in Merseyside and the rest of the UK. Currently in Wirral there is a 2 berth Fiat Ducato at Moreton and a 4 Berth Swift Kontiki 655 at West Kirby for hire. There are 8 other motorhomes available in Liverpool too. The way it works is they have two different networks to tap into, the depot hire and the private hire. The depots have the newer vehicles, mostly made by Chausson, and the private hire is where you pick up the motorhome from the owners premises, but all the insurance and administration is done by the motorhome hire company.

This is also worth considering if you own your own motorhome too as you can put it into their ‘self hire’ scheme which means that you can make money from your motorhome when you are not using it yourself.

It doesn’t stop their either, if you want to buy a heavily reduced new motorhome you can buy it there with a huge discount on the agreement that you put it into their hire scheme for 3 years. This might not be ideal for everyone, but it is certainly a way to get a cheap motorhome! As you would expect with a large rental company there are also ex rental vehicles available too which can be a terrific bargain.

For those of you who have large sums of money to invest there is also the Motorhome Investment Scheme. In which you basically invest £36,000 over 3 years and get £300/month interest. One of their investors David, who now lives in Provence, France said “I honestly now believe this is a better investment than property”. Well the way property prices have bounced around over the last decade or so, he may well have a point!

Anyway so if you are off on a motorhome holiday, have a great time.